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Dear Cavalier,

Yes, Sir! This sums up my lifetime commitment to our Alma Mater:  “A Peemayer Paints PMA.”

Gabriego I am Gabriel Riego de Dios, Class ’81. In the year 2000, I embarked on a long sought career as a professional artist. In the art world, I am known as GABRIEGO.

The passion of the brush has been with me since childhood and has stayed with me to this day. The past eight years have not been easy. It has been a difficult path for this struggling artist. However, as one fellow cavalier told me a long time ago, it is not the destination but the journey.

A main part of this journey is to “paint PMA.” I wish to share with one and all, Peemayers and non-Peemayers alike, the beauty that is PMA and the richness of its traditions and legacy. For this reason, I have been painting scenes form the Academy.

I have already done two major paintings in oil: “Strong Hearts” and “Sir, the Colors …”, and currently working on the third one, “The Salute: Bright Beacon of the Land.” The first two are now available in prints better known as giclee’ prints.

To date only the original of the “Sir, the Colors…” is available and is up for auction with a starting bid of $800. Part of the proceeds from the sales of the original paintings and prints will go to PLEA (Project to Listen and Extend Assistance to PMAyers), a project of the DJLF Foundation. The members of this Foundation are Peemayers. Since 2005, DJLF has been supporting the college education of needy high school graduates in the Philippines, through its project LEAP, Loakan Education Assistance Project.

By your patronage of my paintings, you will be helping me pursue a challenging career, develop fully what we in Loakan called “native talent,” and promote our Alma Mater’s prestige, while supporting a very good cause, PLEA, the project of the DJLF Foundation to help Peemayers.

Thank you and “O Hail to Thee.”


Strong Hearts 

“Strong Hearts”


Sir the Colors 

“Sir, the Colors!”


Bright Beacon - Final 5x7 

“The Salute! Bright Beacon of the Land”